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“Ahana is sharp, intelligent, to the point yet loving and kind; and always finds a gentle and skillful way to address challenging matters. I love her Practical Spirituality and her Humanity in Business and Life! Through her coaching, I have gained so much growth, realisation and now integrate the many principles and practices from her course into my own work as a yoga instructor, life teacher, energy worker and entrepreneur. I have deep respect for Ahana and highly recommend her to any business, organisation or persons wishing to transcend their limited state and beliefs system, and to go/grow beyond their personal or organisational boundaries. If you dare to dream and reach for the stars, Ahana can help you make miracles!”

- Sarah Amin, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Practitioner


"My sessions with Ahana have truly transformed my life. She perfectly blends sound business advice with soul nourishing insights. She knew just what to say and just when to push, allowing me to take the steps I needed to be both happy and successful. I found her intuition just as powerful and useful as her business knowledge. I personally found it more satisfying to grow spiritually stronger at the same time as my business grew. If you want to change your life then I recommend Ahana to prepared to work hard, have fun and transform into someone even more awesome than you can imagine.

-Jessica Beard, Social Media Marketer & Journalist

My sessions with Ahana were life changing. From a confused person who knew I had something important to do with my life but was not doing it, Ahana helped me align with my higher self, unburden and pointed me towards working with purpose. God bless her!

-Aamee Fifi, Mother & Entrepreneur



I want to thank you for an awesome business coaching program. I love the effort you put into it and the way you structure it, just makes it easy to create and implement things that can seem overwhelming! Since working with you I have increased my knowledge of online marketing and branding and it is helping me expand my business. I also know my target audience better and I am able to set up my sales funnels for better conversions. Your help with setting up these practical aspects of a business and not just the philosophy, is a great contribution to any business owner looking to grow their online business. I am looking forward to more of our session.

- Pratima Nagaraj, Coach, Author, www,