Spiritual Six Figure Business Roadmap - Free Course

What if you could serve your clients all oer the world, transform their lives, create a massive impact and build yourself Six Figure Abundance? Would that bring you Joy? Would that serve your Purpose?

In this Free Mini Series from my heart, I have given you my simple 7-Step Roadmap that will get you started in building your Spiritual Six Figure Business - easily, effortlessly!

Here's what we will cover together:

  • A simple business foundation that will keep your eyes on the result (and cut out distraction)
  • 5 Top Roadblocks that are preventing you from creating your six figure business
  • A 7 Step Roadmap that helps you organise your business and gets it ready for Six Figure Abundance
  • Simple strategies and tools that will help you Position your business in the market to attract High Paying Clients and Regular Client Base for your business.

Take a Step into your Six Figure Business Below....Feel The Abundance!!!


3 KEYS to Convert Leads On Your Website

If you haven't watched it yet, take a look at 3 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE A POWERFUL WEBSITE - easy & effortless conversions of prospects into leads! Enjoy & start creating that massive six figure success!


Heart Based Entrepreneur - 5 Power Words to Align To Your Purpose

These 5 Power Words help spiritual entrepreneurs stay in a constant alignment to flow and abundance - the exercise is taken from the FREE COURSE on creating the Spiritual Six Figure Business Roadmap - http://ahanaanddaniel.com/spiritual-6... 

The 3 big challenges faced by spiritual entrepreneurs are:
1. Staying motivated while their business is being built
2. Staying focused on the goals that matter - aligned to purpose
3. Staying in an abundant flow - leads, clients, cash flow.

The 5 Power Words if practiced mindfully can help with all 3 challenges and create a simple path to success.