ASP. A Simple Path.

Create an abundant life, a highly successful enterprise, align to your wealth & well being, serve at your higest level, live & be happy.




How do you create a simple roadmap to your high six figure business? How do you hold the energy of your vision & find the right strategies to get you to your goals quickly, effortlessly, successfully? Free DIY course for you - start right now.


Are you really prepared to take the journey into building massive impact and a six/seven figure business? Apply for my 60 Minute Free Strategy Session to explore our high transformation business mastermind (results guaranteed). By Application Only.


Want to take your six figure business to the next level and free up your time? Step into high level online business strategies that will automate your process, create digital offers, increase your bottomline while giving you TIME freedom. Apply to discuss options.


“I have deep respect for Ahana and highly recommend her to any business, organisation or persons wishing to transcend their limited state and beliefs system, and to go/grow beyond their personal or organisational boundaries

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